Net4ManPower Job Provider Guide
Job provider guide
Account Creation
To sign up as a Job provider or

To sign up as a Job provider or as an employer on Net4manpower, the links “Join us” on the top right of our WebPages or “Register Here” on the middle of the page can be clicked.






 2) Fill the fields with your details and if you are job provider select " Job provider " button









Posting Jobs and Projects
New Page 1


We offer you to make changes (Add Attachment, Edit project content, Extend your project expiry time, upgrade project ) in the projects which you posted in this site.


2)Click to open  "My project "

3)Click Edit Project and open  Edit Button

4)Select  " Edit Project" in top of the page

Figure 1-Edit Project

5)Make the changes in your projects and submit

6)Same like  you want to add any extra attachment for your project then select option " Add Attachment"

Figure 2- Add Attachment

7)when you want to upgrade your projects listing in featured projects then select "Upgrade Project "

Figure 3 Upgrade Project Listing

8)If you want to repost or extend your project visibility duration then select "Extend Project "

Figure 4- Extend Project

9)Make all your changes and click Submit.


The Employer can post all your manpower requirements with free and get immediate solution for all your business needs. We will help you outsource your project.

1. Login your account

2. Click to open “My Project“

3. Describe your requirement details

4.Enter title of the project or job

5.Select your Industry and subcategory

6.Describe your job or project requirements which is very clearly and give more information about your project or job including specific

    information like job type,place,budget,time duration, required skills, company profile

7.Select your desired skills (After select your company it is automatically loaded in Desired skills), You can select the desired skills what ever you

  need for the project, it may be more or less than 5. So that if any of the professional finding the project to their specific skills, your project will

  come according to the key words they specified. From this you can get good service provider for your project or job.



8.Select your job type whether project or Position and also in this you can select whether you would like to give hourly based payment or fixed fee

   and also Offsite or Onsite.

9.If you would like to get the bid from specific located freelancers only means give the preferred location otherwise you will receive bid from all

  country freelancers.

10.When you want to view your project only for  selected  service providers means, select the project visibility as invitation, so that you can  receive

     bid from invited providers only others cant see your project details.

11.The project will be visible in  this site according to the days which you enter the posting duration field.

12. You can specify the time duration of the project which should be deliver

13 Choose your posting type or Bid group: Public,light,select,power.Public project postings are free.5$ deposit for light project.9$ deposit for

    select project.20$ deposit for power project. All amount collected from the job providers are deposit  amount only not posting fee. That amount

   will be refund to your account.

14. If your project is  very urgent or should  make it quickly  then  you can select Express option.

15. If you select open discussion then you can send and receive private messages from service providers directly.

16.  If you like to do the following  things (Do you want to describe your project little bit more than the project description which made by you or

       would you like to share  samples ,files, images..etc.and if you want to give any private message such as your web address or name and so on)

       please make your attachment here.

17.When you click submit button you can see the preview of the project and click continue means your project will display in our site.

18.You can see your posted project list in Project Home in the left side of the page.


Select and Invite Service providers
Choose and Invite  Provider


The Job providers or Employer can search and find the qualified professionals and also choose some freelancers from the list based on their profile and portfolio and feed back. After selection you can directly invite them for your projects.

Note: :You should posted project in Net4manpower before send invitation to the provider.

Follow the ways to choose and invite service providers


2)Click " Invite Provider" Link under Job Provider

Figure 1-Browse Provider

3)If you know  the service provider name then enter your Service provider username and click search

4)You can use  "Advance Search" for finding professionals in specific location, based on hourly rate, specific skills and so on.

5)After browse service providers choose providers by clicking " Select" Button near to each provider details.

6)After that  all selected lists are listed in top of the page.

Figure 2- Choose Providers

 7)Click "Invite Providers "  Button after selection completed

 8)If you want to remove the provider unchecked the checkbox near the provider name

Figure 3 -Send Invitation to providers

9)Select Your project title

10)Type your message and click send invitation Button ,the service providers received your message in email.






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